Increasing the Reputation with the Fine Web Design Now

Communication plays a huge role in design. It is very important to create a strong link between the website and the user himself and then help him achieve his goals. Good typography is a guarantee of easily accessible information, while with poor typography you have to make efforts to understand the text.

Optimization of typography is the optimization of readability, accessibility, ease of use and the achievement of a graphical balance in general. In other words, by optimizing typography, you also optimize the user interface. The Affordable Web Design Company gives you the right options.

  1. Use The Minimum Number Of Fonts

If you use more than 3 different fonts, your website loses its structure and looks unprofessional. Remember that abuse of font size and style can spoil any markup. To prevent this situation, try to reduce the number of used fonts to a minimum. In general, reduce the number of fonts to a minimum (two more than enough, often enough, and one) and stick to using the same ones on the entire website. If you decide to work with more than one font, make sure that the font families match each other in terms of the width of the letters. Take a look at the example below.

  1. Try To Use Standard Fonts

In services with fonts you can find many interesting ones that will add something new and unusual to your design. In addition, they are very easy to use. Take, for example, Google:

  1. Choose any font. Say, Open Sans.
  2. Generate the code and paste it into the <Head> of your HTML.
  3. Done! But what can go wrong? In fact, this method has one serious problem – users are accustomed to standard fonts and read text written with such fonts faster.

Usually the best way is to use system fonts (Arial, Calibri, Trebuchet, etc.). An exception may be the need to adhere to some type of font that the client himself asked: for example, for branding or for creating something memorable. Remember that a good typography affects the reading of the text, not the visual perception of the font.

  1. Limit The Length Of The String

Correctly matched number of characters on one line is the key to easy reading of your text. Choosing the width of the text, you should focus not on your design, but on the clarity and clarity of the written. Correctly matched number of characters on one line is the key to easy reading of your text. “If the line is too short, the eyes will often have to change the focus, which knocks down the tempo of reading. If the line is too long, the reader’s eyes, on the contrary, will have to focus on what they’ve written for a long time.

  1. Choose Headsets That Are Easy To Read In Any Size

Users will visit your site from different devices, which, accordingly, vary in size and resolution. Most user interfaces use text elements of various sizes (the “copy” button, field labels, section headings, etc.). It is necessary to choose a headset that will look good, and remain readable in any size.

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